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This week at Ad Crucem:

This week on the Internet:

The Reformation was in focus all around blogs and websites this week, with Reformation Sunday celebrated on 10/28 and Reformation Day on 10/31:

This week in the Book of Concord:

I highly recommend regularly reading of the Book of Concord as part of your daily devotions (along with Scripture, of course).  BookofConcord.org has the Book of Concord in its entirety available online in one place.  On top of that, if you click to this page, you can sign up to receive daily e-mails (or tweets if you prefer) that will take you through the Book of Concord in one year.

This week, we’ve been reading through the Solid Declaration of the Formula of Concord.  The specific passages covered have been Article III:44 – Article IV:32.  Here are some highlights:

  • “The person must first be pleasing to God – and that alone for Christ’s sake – before that person’s works are pleasing.” (SD IV:8)
  • “Faith is a divine work in us that transforms us and begets us anew from God, kills the Old Adam, makes us entirely different people in heart, spirit, mind, and all our powers, and brings the Holy Spirit with it.  Oh, faith is a living, busy, active, mighty thing, so that it is impossible for it not to be constantly doing what is good.” (SD IV:10)
  • “Likewise, faith does not ask if good works are to be done, but before one can ask, faith has already done them and is constantly active.” (SD IV:11)
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